Online Certificate Course on Old Persian Cuneiform Script through Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions - Updated
Workshop / Lecture Series on Old Persian Language with Cuneiform Script

Cuneiform is one of the oldest writing systems in the world, it was said to have evolved mainly in Sumerian / Mesopotamian region. The usage of this script goes back to at least 2800 BCE – 2500 BCE. The famous ancient literature “Epic of Gilgamesh” was written in Sumerian.

Old Persian Cuneiform is the simplified form of Cuneiform Script. It was primarily used for Achaemenian Royal Courts & Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions. This was in use from around 550 BCE till 330 BCE, i.e., from the period of Cyrus the Great until Alexander the Great conquered Achaemenian Empire by defeating Darius -3rd.

In this lecture series, we will learn about –

  1. Cuneiform Alphabets, their comparison with Devnagri & Roman Scripts.
  2. History of Achaemenid Empire beginning from Cyrus the Great
  3. Religious ideas in Ancient Iran during Achaemenid Rule through the inscriptions
  4. Zoroastrian Influence & mention of deities like Mithra in Achaemenid Inscriptions
  5. Evidence of the extent of the Empire till Gandhar & India by practically reading the Inscriptions 6. Reading about the efforts of constructing the ancient Suez Canal in Egypt by Achaemenid Kings.
  6. Mention of Subcontinent Soldiers in Achaemenid Inscriptions (Sindhi in current Pakistan by the name Hindush & Gandhar).
  7. We will learn the inscriptions & history of several Achaemenid Kings like Cyrus the Great, Darius the Great, Xerxes & Artaxerxes etc. in detail. These Kings were almost the contemporaries of Buddha, Ajatshartu of Magadha & Mauryans in Ancient Period.

Need to learn Old Persian Cuneiform –

From the syllabus, we know only about Alexander’s invasion of the Subcontinent. However, our textbooks are silent about his conquests in Persia & in Egypt, while he was on his way to the Subcontinent.

  1. Indian & Pakistani syllabus doesn’t cover much detailed information about the ancient history of the regions beyond the borders of the Hindu Kush ranges. Learning this script along with the language will expand the boundaries of our knowledge.
  2. There are almost no Cuneiform experts in South Asia in general and in Pakistan specifically. Thus it is significant to share this knowledge for the preservation of Cuneiform and its transmittal to future generations.

Course Instructor: Shailesh H. Kshirsagar
Course Suitable for: Anyone with an interest in History, Anthropology, Archaeology and/or Linguistics.
Course Duration: 10 classes of 2.30 hours each via zoom over weekends (Starting from February 17th, 2023).
Course Fee: Pakistani Students PKR 5000, International Students USD100
Contact: For registration and any other details write at info[@]