About Us


Center for Culture & Development (C2D) is a collective platform of academics and activists to strengthen the links between culture and development for a ecologically sustainable and socially just world.

C2D works with local communities, civil society organizations, government, academia and the private sector to provide a practical framework for cultural interface with development. C2D enjoys the support of leading national and international experts in the field of art and design, archaeology, anthropology, development, media, heritage management, law and intellectual property rights. C2D is increasingly involved in consulting and coaching with NGOs, government agencies, private enterprise as well as universities and colleges which are seeking professional guidance from C2D.


C2D promotes creative industries and cultural traditions, using them as a catalyst for social and economic development. C2D also focuses on cultural rights, social inclusion and increasing the cultural heritage potential of Pakistan with the aim of reducing poverty, increasing employment and improving socio-economic opportunities for the marginalized segments of the population. C2D aims to capitalize on the field of cultural studies to unpack the concept of national culture and its use deployment in the formation of monolithic Pakistani identity. There is a need to adopt a more broad based and pluralist view of culture as embodied in the local knowledge, communities and social institutions. Taking a cultural studies approach to development, it also aims to revisit the straightforwardness of “development” as a term, unpacking its Western origins, and internal contradictions.

Key Strategies

To achieve its vision, C2D engages in research, advocacy, training, education and policy advice to government, non-government, academia and private sector. It is also an active associate in a number of externally funded projects and international collaborations with institutional partners in various fields.

Research & Publications

C2D engages in independent research and documentation in key program areas, including Intellectual Property Rights, Cultural Heritage Management, Environment , Media , and Peace and Human Security.


C2D conducts research based advocacy in its key program areas. It also runs awareness programs in order to implement the UN conventions on the culture and development.

Policy Advice

C2D gives policy advice to the government and non-government sector.


C2D plans national and regional symposium and seminars in key areas and offers training courses and holds workshops. It also offers advisory services to public sector institutions in the field of Intellectual Property Rights and Cultural Heritage.

Digital Documentation

C2D is equipped to provide a wide range of art works, including paintings, sculpture, relief, murals, wall painting and offers a range of publication, communication and design services in print & digital media to government, corporate and non-government sector in Pakistan.

Board of Advisers

Dr. Nauman Naqvi
Mr. Zubair Qureshi
Dr. Shabnam Khan
Mr. Javed Akhtar
Dr. Rafiq Mughal
Mr. Shozab Abbass