Plant Breeders Rights

To Give or Not To Give Patents to Plant Breeders?

Different views were presented at a seminar on Tuesday on the Plant Breeder Rights (PBR) Bill 2012, pending in the National Assembly (NA) since March 2012, and the impact of genetically modified (GM) seeds on indigenous crop varieties in Pakistan. The seminar titled ‘Biodiversity Under Threat: Traditional Knowledge and Plant Breeders Rights Bill,’ was held at the HRCP office with Sajjad Bhutta, the Director General of the Intellectual Property...

NGOs Demand Reconsideration of Plant Breeders' Rights Bill

Demanding that Plant Breeders’ Rights Bill 2010 should not be passed in haste as it needed more time to be debated by the stakeholders concerned, the civil society organizations on Wednesday asked the government to postpone the bill and to let the new National Assembly after the next general elections to consider it. This was said in a seminar “Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) Bill 2010” held by the Centre for Culture and Development (C2D),...