National College of Arts

Stop Typecasting Pakistani Artists by Origin

It is commonly believed that once Taj Mahal was completed, Shah Jehan ordered that the thumbs of the chief builders to be cut off, so that they may not replicate the beauty of the grand mausoleum. The urban folklore confirms a mythical belief that nothing durable and unique can be built without the creator’s self-sacrifice. But the legend also signifies the nature of imperial ambition — to use artists as instruments to glorify the deeds of the...

Democratising NCA

National College of Arts (NCA) is one of the oldest institutions in Pakistan, which is credited with quality education in the fields of arts, design and architecture as well as acknowledged for leading the creative production of modern arts in the country. Some of Pakistan’s top most architects, designers, artists, film makers and performing artists attribute their worldly success to their education at the NCA. For many, the word NCA has become...