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The Interplay of Tradition and Culture: Uniqueness and Diversity of Pakistan

Cultural diversity is the product of the human evolutionary journey over time, as the first homo sapiens migrated from Africa to populate all the continents. The unique features of human cultures are the consequences of thousands of years of adaptability and innovation in response to diverse geographical and climatic conditions. Never growing in isolation, the uniqueness of human cultures is an outcome of intense interactions between different...

Pakistan’s National Culture: A Mosaic of Regional Identities

14th August is not only the day for celebration of national independence, but also a day for the reclamation of the cultural paradigms of Pakistani nationhood. It is a historic day to remember that the very etymology of the word Pakistan, as coined by a young Muslim nationalist, Chaudhry Rahmat Ali in 1933, is rooted in its regional identities. Like the acronym itself, which draws from the initials of the five regions of Northern India, including...